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I'm a commercial and narrative filmmaker.

I grew up in Michigan, where I was a terrible athlete and a closet film and book nerd. While in school, my mind wandered to faraway lands like Middle-Earth and Tatooine; because of that I learned that I wasn't cut out to be a professional athlete or astronaut. I had to figure out another job and no one told me you could make movies until my sophomore year of college.


I switched my major, expecting my parents to wince when I broke the news, but instead they said "yeah, that checks out." With that; I took the leap and it turned out I was pretty good at this. 

This is the part where I have to brag a bit. Please bear with me. 

I'm an award-winning commercial director and producer. A number of my projects have won national awards, and I've produced projects and campaigns for Merrell, CAT Footwear, Cisco, Danaher, Victoria's Secret, Hershey's, and a number of others.

I produce and direct narratives with DYNMC Films and American Bravado Pictures. Our feature, Hayseed, is gearing up for a spring 2023 festival run and stars Jack Falahee (How to Get Away with Murder), Kathryn Morris (Cold Case, Minority Report), Nolan North (UNCHARTED, Family Guy, Rick and Morty), and a bunch of other amazing actors. 

My short film, Infinite Scroll, was selected for a handful of amazing festivals, and my next short, the Ugly Rug, is premiering fall 2022. 

Phew, finally got that over with. I love crafting genre-bending narratives, and would love to produce and direct your next brand campaign. Shoot me an email or give me a call so we can shoot the breeze, or dive into your next project. 


OFFICIAL SELECTION - RiverRun International Film Festival - 2020.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Other Worlds Film Festival - 2020.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Fear No Film - 2020.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Lighthouse International Film Festival - 2020.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Sci-Fi  Fantasy Genre Lab - Presented by Lift-Off Global Network - 20
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